DAV High School KTPP

Kakatiya Thermal Power Project, Chelpur, Ghanpur (M)



Discipline and Commitment is a pathway to reach goals and dreams.’

  • The school starts at 8.30 am with the first bell. Students must reach school by 8.30 am
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the class rooms and meet their wards during the school hours as well as when dropping and picking up. Kindly leave your child near the gate only.
  • Ensure that your ward brings the school diary to school daily. Fill in the details of your ward on the front page of the school diary.
  • Make sure that your ward is well groomed. He/she should take bath daily, dress up neatly in complete school uniform.
  • Boys should trim their hair once in three weeks at least. We strictly prohibit the boys from going for any stylish hair cut.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness. All parents must educate their wards how to keep their belongings like – bag, books, shelves, wardrobes etc. clean and tidy.
  • Kindly ensure that your ward should carry the books according to the time-table so that school bag is not over loaded.
  • Parents are requested not to take their wards from school on working days for family functions or other social gatherings.
  • If a student is absent on a day when there is Formative Assessment or Summative Assessment, no re-test will be conducted to him/her.
  • All the children are expected to be disciplined in the school bus and follow the instructions given by the bus monitors and the staff members. If any student is caught for misbehaving/ fighting/shouting, he/she will not allowed to use the school bus further.
  • Note books and text books must be covered neatly.
  • Avoid the criticism of your ward’s teacher/s and the school in his/her presence because it will lead to the child disrespecting the teacher. Ultimately the child will refuse to learn the subject taught by the respective teacher.
  • Parents are requested to attend the PTMs arranged by the school, especially when your ward is not performing well in academics.
  • Ensure that your child doesn’t bring any valuable articles to school.
  • Parents must not visit their wards or teachers in the class rooms.
  • Parents are suggested to send healthy hygienic sufficient amount of vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food is avoided. Kindly deposit lunchboxes before 12:00 pm only.  
  • Encourage your ward to speak in English at home and provide him/her ambience to improve Spoken English.
  • School diary is the main communication to the parents and the teachers. Kindly sign the diary daily and see the column of ‘Teacher – Parents Communication’ page and respond immediately without delay.
  • Parents are most welcome to school and meet the Principal or subject teachers or class teacher to enquire your ward’s studies during 4.00 pm and 4.45 pm. Kindly not to disturb the teachers by phone calls after school hours.
  • Children must communicate in English language in school premises.
  • Parents are informed to pay fee in time.                                                                    



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