DAV High School KTPP

Kakatiya Thermal Power Project, Chelpur, Ghanpur (M)

Vision and Mission  
  • To foster students with:
  • Highest academic standards.
  • Great analytical minds.
  • Compassionate and sensitive hearts.
  • Safe and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning, postive self-esteem and understanding.
  • Teachers who are professionally profient and passionate educators.
  • Resources and opportunities that enhance learning.
  • Recognize and respect the multicultural and international diversity of our school community.
To build value-centered, future-ready, global youth who will possess the virtues of compassion, intelligence and integrity to serve society for a better tomorrow.
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DAV High School, Kakatiya
Kakatiya Thermal Power Project,
Chelpur, Ghanpur (M),
Warangal (Dt), TG-506170
Phone: 7382955475
Email: davktppwgl10@gmail.com
Website: www.davhsktpp.com

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