DAV High School KTPP

Kakatiya Thermal Power Project, Chelpur, Ghanpur (M)

About School  
We create a motivating and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning.

Professional and proficient teachers with a passion for education.
Well-researched and thoughtful school  curriculum and delivery, which promotes creativity, curiosity, determination, independepence, self-reliance, adaptability and teamwork.
Provide an integrated learning approach with emphasis on experimentation, self-discovery,high level of engagement, hands-on experience and exam preparation.
Create a stimulating learning environment that creates eager and active learners and nurtures their thinking, analyzing and learning capabilities.
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DAV High School, Kakatiya
Kakatiya Thermal Power Project,
Chelpur, Ghanpur (M),
Warangal (Dt), TG-506170
Phone: 7382955475
Email: davktppwgl10@gmail.com
Website: www.davhsktpp.com

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